Dust Collector Cartridge Filters

The mining industry has been around for a long time. While the industry is still a dangerous line of work, safety standards have improved tremendously. One way to excel in health and safety is by improving air quality.

We manufacture a complete line of Cellulose, Polyester, Synthetic, Coated and Non-Woven Cartridges to fit most cartridge collectors in the marketplace today.

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Dust Collection in Mining

Health & Safety of Workers

Capture & Control Dust Particulate

Meet Safety Regulations

Reduce Harmful Dusts & Fumes

Cleaner Working Environment

Mining Applications

The mining industry is still dangerous work. However, there are safety regulations that the industry is required to follow. The Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has put forth the groundwork on keeping miners safe and healthy. They are one organization responsible for minimizing health risks and improving safe conditions. One of the first pieces of legislation in the U.S. dealt with ventilation inside coal mines. While more widespread in early mine work, Black Lung Disease is still as threat to this day. This occurs due to long-term exposure and inhaltion of coal dust. To reduce this risk, the amount of dust concentrations works are exposed to has to be reduced. One way to do this is with proper air ventilation and dust control. In 2016, OHSA change the permissible exposure limit (PEL) to 50 micrograms per cubic meter as an 8-hour time average; hoping to reduce illnesses and health problems in miners. Dust isn't the only issue in mining. Gases and fumes present a threat to health and safety as well.

Industrial processes in mining include: crushing, grinding, conveying, and more. Throughout these processes dust is generated. Specifically in conveying; dust is generated at the various transfer points.

Other health effects from mining can include a number of health effects including:

• Black Lung Disease

• Silicosis

• Fibrosis

• Respiratory Issues

Replacement Dust Collector Filters

We provide pleated cartridge filter elements for a variety of applications including welding! With over 3,000 filters in our cross-reference database.

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