Dust Collector Cartridge Filters

In the pharmaceutical industry, the main concern is if a product, in this case medicines, can be made properly and safely. Dust from ingredients or other pollutants can interfere with product quality creating a problem in complying with FDA regulations.

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Dust Collection in Pharmaceuticals

Health & Safety of Workers

Prevent Cross-Contamination

To Meet FDA Regulations

Keeping Facilities Safe & Clean

Ensure Product Quality

Dust Sources

The main source of dust is produced from the processes that go into make medicinal products. Processes included but are not limited to: mixing, pressing, coating, packaging, drying, etc. Equipment including tablet presses, hoppers, and mixers require dust control as well. Dusts from the processes and ingredients can also be combustible. Raising an alert on safety within the facility.

Health & Safety

Workers who are exposed to these dusts can get sick, these creates not only downtime in production, but can also impact product quality. A number of health problems from dust inhalation and the handling of ingredients range from allergic reactions, skin irritation, and of course respiratory issues. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are the main central ingredient used in the drug the produces the intended effect. This is what makes the medicine work properly. Workers exposed to these APIs are at risk of more serious health conditions as dust from these are usually toxic. Pharmaceutical companies need dust collection units to keep the area sterilized and to reduce risk of contamination

Meeting FDA Regulations

In order to meet FDA regulations, medicine must be manufactured properly without contamination or cross-contamination. When you are dealing with a product that is of such vitality to the consumer, you must make sure the medicine is manufactured with the highest standards in place. You can't expect to meet these standards if dust control isn't implemented and maintained. Consumers rely on their mediciations to alleviate symptoms and treat their illnesses. Their are various regulations set up by the FDA for pharmaceutical companies to go by. One of these to follow is known as CGMPs (Current Good Manufacturing Practice). This means that manufacturing operations are up to safe standards. Some examples of quality control includes:

• Quality Inspection - A system designed to check for errors or defects in manufacturing. Products can be inspected, tested, and get the seal of approval before being distrbuted to consumers.

• Raw Materials - Make sure materials and ingredients used in production are of high quality and regularly checked.

• Sanitation & Health - Every facility must keep hold this in high regard. In order to prevent cross-contamination, facilities must be regularly cleaned and maintained. Dust control can help with this.

• Training of Employees - Make sure each worker is trained and up to date on the equipment and manufacturing procedures.

Replacement Dust Collector Filters

We provide pleated cartridge filter elements for a variety of applications including welding! With over 3,000 filters in our cross-reference database.

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