Dust Collector Cartridge Filters

Powder coating is when a dry powder is applied to materials to coat them a certain color or as a finish to give the material durability and longevity. Dust collection is used in powder coating applications to control dust particulate.

We manufacture a complete line of Cellulose, Polyester, Synthetic, Coated and Non-Woven Cartridges to fit most cartridge collectors in the marketplace today.

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Dust Collection in Powder Coating

Health & Safety of Workers

Capture & Control Dust Particulate

Improve Air Quality of Shop

Reduce Harmful Dusts & Fumes

Cleaner Working Space

What is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is made from dry ingredients which are mixed together, melted down, and madei into a fine powder. Once the powder is sprayed onto the material, it is cured (heats) in a n oven to form a solid outer coating. Coatings can be applied to a wide variety of products such as cars, pipes, electronics, industrial machinery, and more! The powder is sprayed on using a spray gun. Powder coating booths are used to capture overspray to keep the facility clean and neat. Most of the booths use some form of industrial air filtration. Dust collector cartridges is one way to control particles being generated from the process. Contrary to belief, dust collectors do not capture powders, they are responsible for capturing this overspray and other particulate.

Workers' health can be greatly affected by dust and can develop into health problems such as:

• Skin & Eye Irritation

• Respiratory issues from dust inhalation

• Allergic Reactions & More

Replacement Dust Collector Filters

We provide pleated cartridge filter elements for a variety of applications including welding! With over 3,000 filters in our cross-reference database.

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